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Find information about selected public artworks in Philadelphia by the names of the artists who created them.

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These artworks represent only a sample of the thousands of sculptures, murals, memorials, parks, and fountains that can be found throughout the city. If you cannot find the artwork you are looking for here, visit our Research Guide for suggestions about how to research specific pieces. Go to Public Art Agencies to learn about the other organizations that plan and commission public art in Philadelphia.

Descriptions of artworks are adapted from Public Art in Philadelphia by Penny Balkin Bach (Temple University Press, Philadelphia, 1992).


Index by Artist


Abakanowicz, Magdelena, Open Air Aquarium
Acconci, Vito, Flying Floors (Philadelphia International Airport)
Adams, Alice, The Roundabout
Amateis, Edmond, Mail Delivery: North, South, East, West
Amrany, Omri, Wilt Chamberlain
Antonakos, Stephen, Neons for Buttonwood
Archipenko, Alexander, King Solomon
Armajani, Siah, Louis Kahn Lecture Room
Artists Unknown, Five Water Spouts, Frog, and Lintel (International Sculpture Garden)
Artist Unknown, Mangbusucks (International Sculpture Garden)
Artist Unknown, Nandi (International Sculpture Garden)
Artist Unknown, Spheres (International Sculpture Garden)
Artist Unknown, The Wrestlers
Aycock, Alice, What the Traveler Needs for Mechanical Operations on the Stars (Philadelphia International Airport)


Baerer, Henry, Franz Schubert
Bailey, Joseph C., Gift of the Winds
Bailly, Joseph A., The Reverend Dr. John Witherspoon
Barye, Antoine-Louis, Lion Crushing a Serpent
Bashanellifusi, G.B., Giuseppe Verdi
Baskin, Leonard, Old Man, Young Man, the Future
Bateman, Ronald, Day Dream Fountain and Dream Garden
Ben-Shmuel, Ahron, The Laborer (Ellen Phillips Samuel Memorial Sculpture Garden)
Berg, Stephen, and Tom Chimes, Sleeping Woman
Blum, Andrea, Plateau
Boyle, John J., Benjamin Franklin
Boyle, John J., John Christian Bullitt
Boyle, John J., Stone Age in America
Bright, Barney, Dr. J
Burko, Diane, Wissahickon: Reflections


Calder, Alexander, White Cascade
Calder, Alexander Milne, Major General George Gordon Meade
Calder, Alexander Milne, William Penn
Calder, Alexander Milne, William Warner Tomb (Laurel Hill Cemetery)
Calder, Alexander Stirling, Henry Charles Lea Tomb (Laurel Hill Cemetery)
Calder, Alexander Stirling, Shakespeare Memorial
Calder, Alexander Stirling, Sundial
Calder, Alexander Stirling, The Swann Memorial Fountain (or The Fountain of Three Rivers)
Camp, Don, Untitled #1 (John Allen) (Pennsylvania Convention Center)
Cheere, John (attributed to), William Penn
Coated, Candy, Magic Carpet
Coburn, Robert, 39 Bells
Conwill, Houston, Estella Conwill Majozo, and Joseph DePace, The Freedom Ring


Dallin, Cyrus E., The Medicine Man
De Creeft, José, The Poet (Ellen Phillips Samuel Memorial Sculpture Garden)
Der Harootian, Koren, The Scientist (Ellen Phillips Samuel Memorial Sculpture Garden)
Di Suvero, Mark, Iroquois
Doner, Michele Oka, Lexicon: Justice (Criminal Justice Center)
Dowell, John, Jr., Spirit Dance
Dubuffet, Jean, Milord la Chamarre (“My Lord of the Fancy Vest”)


Ellicott, Henry Jackson, General George McClellan
Elwell, Frank Edwin, Dickens and Little Nell
Engman, Robert, Triune
Epstein, Sir Jacob, Social Consciousness
Erlebacher, Walter, Day Dream Fountain
Erlebacher, Walter, Jesus Breaking Bread (or Jesus, the Bread of Life)


Fahlen, Charles, and Etheridge Knight, Diamond Park
Ferrer, Rafael, El Gran Teatro de la Luna
Fischer, R. M., Firefly
Flannagan, John B., The Miner (Ellen Phillips Samuel Memorial Sculpture Garden)
Fleischner, Richard, Columbia Subway Plaza
Fredenthal, Robinson, Water, Ice, and Fire
Frémiet, Emmanuel, Joan of Arc
French, Daniel Chester, and Edward C. Potter, General Ulysses S. Grant
Frey, Erwin, The Revolutionary Soldier (Ellen Phillips Samuel Memorial Sculpture Garden)
Frey, Erwin, The Statesman (Ellen Phillips Samuel Memorial Sculpture Garden)
Frudakis, Zenos, Frank L. Rizzo Monument


Gaul, August, Eagle
Gonzalez, Lorenzo, Francisco de Miranda
Goodacre, Glenna, Irish Famine Memorial
Graham, Lonnie and John H. Stone, Common Ground
Gurgytis, Barbara, Lifelines


Haas, Richard, 2300 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia
Hancock, Walker, John Paul Jones (William M. Reilly Memorial)
Hancock, Walker, Pennsylvania Railroad War Memorial
Hatcher, Brower, Starman in the Ancient Garden
Held, Al, Order/Disorder and Ascension/Descension
Hepworth, Barbara, Rock Form (Porthcurno)
Holzer, Jenny, 125 Years
Hom, Mei-ling, China Wedge (Pennsylvania Convention Center)
Houdon, Jean Antoine, George Washington


Idusch and Son, Joseph Haydn
Indiana, Robert, LOVE
Iselin, Jr., Lewis, General Nathanael Greene (William M. Reilly Memorial)


James, Charley or Mungo Martin (attributed to), Central Post (International Sculpture Garden)
Jones, Kristin, and Andrew Ginzel, Sounding (Pennsylvania Convention Center)
Jonsson, Einar, Thorfinn Karlsefni
Josset, Raoul, Marquis de Lafayette (William M. Reilly Memorial)
Judson, Sylvia Shaw, Mary Dyer


Keene, Paul, and Neil Lieberman, Martin Luther King Freedom Memorial
Kelly, J. Wallace, General Richard Montgomery (William M. Reilly Memorial)
Kelly, J. Wallace, The Ploughman (Ellen Phillips Samuel Memorial Sculpture Garden)
Kelly, J. Wallace, Titles Unknown: Eye and Hand (Ellen Phillips Samuel Memorial Sculpture Garden)
Kindness, John, The Labor Monument: Philadelphia’s Tribute to the American Worker
King, Ray, Philadelphia Beacons
King, William Dickey, Stroll (Stickmen)
Kirkland, Larry, To Balance
Kiss, Auguste, The Mounted Amazon Attacked by a Panther
Kornbau, D. (attributed to), William Mullen Tomb (Laurel Hill Cemetery)
Kozloff, Joyce, Galla Placidia in Philadelphia and Topkapi Pullman
Kreis, Henry, The Birth of a Nation (Ellen Phillips Samuel Memorial Sculpture Garden)


Lachaise, Gaston, Floating Figure
Laessle, Albert, Billy
Laessle, Albert, Penguins
Laessle, Albert, General Galusha Pennypacker Memorial
Laurent, Robert, Spanning the Continent (Ellen Phillips Samuel Memorial Sculpture Garden)
Lazzarini, Francesco, Benjamin Franklin
Levine, Ed, Embodying Thoreau: dwelling, sitting, watching
Liberman, Alexander, Covenant
Lichtenstein, Roy, Brushstroke Group
Lipchitz, Jacques, Government of the People
Lipchitz, Jacques, Prometheus Strangling the Vulture
Lipchitz, Jacques, The Spirit of Enterprise
Lloyd, James, Heliotrope: An Offering Toward “Light”
Lopez, Charles Albert, and Isidore Konti, William McKinley
Love, Arlene, Face Fragment
Lutz, Winifred, How to Retain Site Memory While Developing Landscape


MacNeil, Hermon Atkins, Civil War Soldiers and Sailors Memorial
Manger, Heinrich Carl Johan, Goethe
Manger, Heinrich Carl Johan, Schiller
Manship, Paul, Duck Girl
Martinez, Daniel, Renee Petropoulis, and Roger White, Your Move
Milles, Carl, Playing Angels
Moore, Henry, Three-Way Piece Number 1: Points
Morris, Robert, The Wedges


Neijna, Barbara, Total Environment
Nevelson, Louise, Atmosphere and Environment XII
Nevelson, Louise, Bicentennial Dawn
Noguchi, Isamu, Bolt of Lightning . . . A Memorial to Benjamin Franklin


Oldenburg, Claes, Clothespin
Oldenburg, Claes, and Coosje van Bruggen, Split Button
Oppenheim, Dennis, Wave Forms
Osorio, Pepón, I have a story to tell you…


Paik, Nam June, Video Arbor
Paine, Roxy, Symbiosis
Paley, Albert, Synergy
Parrish, Maxfield Frederick, The Dream Garden
Peniston, James, Keys to Community
Penone, Giuseppe, Una Biforcazione e Tre Paesaggi (A Forked Branch and Three Landscapes)
Pepper, Beverly, Phaedrus
Pfaff, Judy, cirque CIRQUE (Pennsylvania Convention Center)
Pieri, Diane, Manayunk Stoops: Heart and Home
Pinto, Jody, Fingerspan
Praxiteles, Silenus and the Infant Bacchus
Puryear, Martin, Pavilion in the Trees


Raemisch, Waldemar, The Great Mother and The Great Doctor
Raemisch, Waldemar, The Preacher (Ellen Phillips Samuel Memorial Sculpture Garden)
Rapoport, Nathan, Monument to Six Million Jewish Martyrs
Remington, Frederic, Cowboy
Rhind, John Massey, John Wanamaker
Rhoden, John, Nesaika
Rickey, George, Two Lines (Morris Arboretum)
Rodin, Auguste, The Gates of Hell
Rodin, Auguste, The Thinker
Rogers, John, General John Fulton Reynolds
Rogers, Randolph, Abraham Lincoln
Rosin, Harry, John B. Kelly (The Rower)
Rosin, Harry, The Puritan (Ellen Phillips Samuel Memorial Sculpture Garden)
Rosin, Harry, The Quaker (Ellen Phillips Samuel Memorial Sculpture Garden)
Rush, William, The Schuylkill Chained and The Schuylkill Freed


Saint-Gaudens, Augustus, James A. Garfield Monument
Saint-Gaudens, Augustus, The Pilgrim
Saligman, Meg Fish, Common Threads
Sandoval, Raymond, Tamanend
Sardeau, Helene, The Slave (Ellen Phillips Samuel Memorial Sculpture Garden)
Schomberg, A. Thomas, Rocky
Schweizer, J. Otto, All Wars Memorial to Colored Soldiers and Sailors
Searles, Charles, Striving
Segal, George, Woman Looking Through a Window
Shapiro, Joel, Untitled
Sherman, Rosalie, Eastwick Farmpark I and II
Siemering, Rudolph, Washington Monument
Simkin, Phillips, Philada Book of Just Hours (Criminal Justice Center)
Sky, Alison, Indelible
Smyth, Ned, World Park: Orders and Perspectives
Soong, Sabrina, The China Gate
Stauch, Edward, Night
Sterne, Maurice, Welcoming to Freedom (Ellen Phillips Samuel Memorial Sculpture Garden)
Stone, John H. and Lonnie Graham, Common Ground
Sugarman, George, Title Unknown (gateway) (Morris Arboretum)
Sumpter, Phil, Negro Leagues Memorial


Tacha, Athena, Connections
Talcott, Dudley, Kopernik
Thom, James, Old Mortality (Laurel Hill Cemetery)
Twitchell, Kent, Julius Erving Monument


Various Artists, Abington Arts Center
Various Artists, Criminal Justice Center
Various Artists, Ellen Phillips Samuel Memorial Sculpture Garden
Various Artists, International Sculpture Garden
Various Artists, Laurel Hill Cemetery
Various Artists, Morris Arboretum
Various Artists, Pennsylvania Convention Center
Various Artists, Philadelphia International Airport
Various Artists, Smith Memorial Arch
Various Artists, William M. Reilly Memorial: Revolutionary War Heroes
Venturi and Rauch, Franklin Court and Ghost Structures
Venturi, Rauch and Scott Brown, Benjamin Franklin Bridge Lighting
von Schlegell, David, Voyage of Ulysses


Warneke, Heinz, The Immigrant (Ellen Phillips Samuel Memorial Sculpture Garden)
Waugh, Sidney, General Casimir Pulaski (William M. Reilly Memorial)
Webb, Michael, The Beasley Building
Wheelock, Warren, General Friedrich von Steuben (William M. Reilly Memorial)
Williams, Wheeler, Settling of the Seaboard (Ellen Phillips Samuel Memorial Sculpture Garden)
Wolff, Albert, The Lion Fighter
Wolff, Wilhelm, The Dying Lioness


Yarnell, Agnes, Benjamin Franklin with Kite


Zorach, William, Puma